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Conrad Algarve

Photoshoot for corporate event

We were very impressed with the brand design created for us some years ago by Perception. It was very cleverly designed in order to incorporate the Company’s initials into what has become a very recognisable logo around the City. It has certainly withstood the test of time!

Partner, Edmund Carr

Royals Shopping Centre - © Perception
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Tumbleweed Restaurants - © Perception
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Quality Solicitors - © Perception
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The Sanctuary Day Spa - © Perception
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Wildlife Café - © Perception
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Edmund Carr

Brand logo design, graphic design and production of literature, stationery and signage


Quality Solicitors + Leonard Gray

Brand logo design, literature, website and online advertising



Graphic design for literature and advertising

Data HQ

Brand logo design, literature, advertising and design for website


Graphic design and print production of brochure and stationery

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Graphic design of literature, advertising and exhibition

© Perception is a Brentwood based creative marketing and graphic design company servicing clients in and around London. We specialise in the furniture, construction and education industry sectors.