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Chlamydia awareness campaign using online, outdoor and radio media to target 18-24 year olds.

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I’ve just had the latest call figures for Vitality sent to me. I thought you might like to know that compared to the start of the campaign, we have had a 412% increase in calls to the service! Smoking cessation is a game of numbers to some extent - the more people we can get through the service, the more quitters we achieve, and this figure in terms of call increase is phenomenal!  We also found out last week that we had the highest rate of four-week quitters in the East of England region, and by a large margin. I believe the work that Perception did in terms of marketing was key in helping us achieve this.

Associate Director of Public Health, NHS

Awareness campaign to promote the NHS Choose and Book service. Creative concept for online, radio, literature and outdoor media.

'Vitality' is a general Health & Well-being service. Creative concept, design and photography for online, website, press, radio, outdoor and printed literature.


NHS Smokefree

Website design and build to reiencorce anti-smoking campaign.