Bit of an all-rounder, a creative marketeer with an excellent understanding of design and a passion for all things internet

Ralph trained at Falmouth School of Art and his career has been exclusive to the design and advertising industry

This grounding in designing for many well-known and influential brands has resulted in Ralph Scrutton furthering his experience to become an all-round creative marketeer, building brands for a wide range of companies and industries.

Furniture and interiors have always played a part throughout Ralph’s career. Starting with him working for Whitmore Thomas, a leading design company who created many iconic London based interiors including Biba fashion, OXO Tower, Virgin Megastores and MPL Studios (Sir Paul McCartney).


Ralph's career experience prior to Perception included working as a Graphic Designer and Photographic Art Director for brands including Sky UK, PepsiCo USA, Ford Motor Company and Vogue Magazine.

Biba's Kensington Rainbow Room

Ralph Scrutton next to his brand creation for the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Charity Trust.